Montagu Mango Strips Choice Grade 250g

Montagu Mango Strips Choice Grade 250g

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•May reduce aging signs

•Aids digestion

•Strengthen bones

•Source of selenium

•Weight loss

•Fights heart diseases

•Promotes healthy skin

•Reduces the risk of diabetes

•Prevents anaemia

•Good for eyesight

•A healthy pH balance

•Prevents some cancerous diseases



•They are great to snack on.

•Mix them with nuts and other dried fruits for a healthy trail mix.

•Add chopped mango to your baked goods.

•Add chopped mango to hot or cold cereal.

•Make a fresh salsa with diced mango, jalapeno, red peppers and chipotle pepper. Use as a topper for your favourite tacos.HEALTH BENEFITS

•Vitamins and mineral rich for beautiful skin

•Fibre for a healthy digestion

•Calcium for strong bones

•Selenium to support the immune system

•Vitamin A for vision